What Happened in 2012


For years and years, we were told about great changes happening in 2012, but the world did not end in 2012 and life continued on. Instead of major, cataclysmic world ending events, many personal/life altering events happened to people during that year. It’s like there was a fork in the path that we approached and for whatever reason we ended up on the right path instead of the left. That path has lead to vast personal changes that continue, even today.

For me, I now am retired and no longer working at a ‘real’ job. Instead, I’ve created several social media connections were I share my personal life-long interests and findings with others. I’ve also created and maintain two blogs with a spiritual / metaphysical perspective that are growing daily. I enjoy exploring, finding and sharing information and articles, for and with others.

To get to this point and place (I now live in a totally different place than before) there was much, oh so, much to go through and experience. That year, 2012, left me in a wheelchair with serious balance issues. Writing or even holding a pencil in my right hand was very difficult, but using a laptop with a touch pad, daily for about a year, enabled me to write again. I now walk with a walker or use a cane, and my balance is ‘way’ better than even last year. Being thankful of and supportive of others in their quest for better health, lead to my presence on Pinterest and some of my posting on my personal page on Facebook.

Upon reflection, I was personally a catalyst of change back in 2012, for my daughters who both told me later that my health crises propelled them into the final stages of being an adult.  Changes also occurred in medical and hospital procedures due to my various hospital stays that year. Much has happened and fast forward to today… perhaps my sharing information with others, via this electronic internet playground, is acting as a catalyst, or even support for ‘same’, helping wake people up to that other reality or ‘fork in the road’ that we all ended up on in 2012.

So, yes, 2012 was a BIG year for me. Full of once in a life-time experiences. Set me on a new path that continues, even today, living life’s physical challenges and sharing information and knowledge with others on their path, whatever that may be. So that’s just a part of my story, care to share yours?


❤ Denise


The Secret Space Program You May Not Know You Are Breaking Your Back to Pay For


It is now being exposed that the U.S. Government, Air Force, U.S. Navy and other military branches, in partnership with various corporations, have been funneling trillions of your dollars, large chunks of your paychecks, into secret research and development projects to create advanced technologies that could propel our planet into a Star Trek society overnight if they were to be released.

If this sounds hard to believe then I would like to guide your attention to a couple of pieces of information that I think may persuade you to believe otherwise:


(Huffington Post) “These are my own words after conducting research into the secret program. Whilst conducting an FOI (freedom of information) request with the DoD (department of defence) in 2010, I had a very unexpected response by email from them which read:

“About an hour ago I spoke to a NASA rep who confirmed this was their…

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Science Fiction as Soft Disclosure


I recently was reminded of the ‘Star Trek’ universe point-of-view with a blog post, relating a solar flash from the sun, with videos of ‘Star Trek’ intros and how disclosure has been happening for many years.  I equated it to the ‘Babylon 5’ universe, which I then reviewed in my memory and on-line. See this Wikipedia entry for an initial look into ‘Babylon 5’.  I would normally post a photo of ‘Babylon 5’ but just doing a Google search brings up numerous images and memories flood into my mind… Great show. Powerful episodes. I watched all the episodes and movies.

Much was revealed and many moral issues facing us today were touched on in this show. My personal point of view was expanded to include both other timelines and dimensions of what we experience as reality. There were episodes that touched on the whole political spectrum including revealing the ‘illuminati’, discussing and showing spiritual evolution or ‘ascension’ of a cast member and of course, many ‘alien’ or non-human life forms were disclosed. Even the idea of aliens working together as ‘councils’ or ‘federations’ were presented in many story lines.

Overall. the ‘Babylon 5’ universe was broadcast from 1993-98. It included 110 episodes spanning five seasons on television. The creator of this science fiction television series, J. Michael Straczynski,  wrote, directed and produced this series and several movies in this universe. And an ‘universe’ it is, somewhat like the ‘Star Trek’ universe but much more gritty and realistic.

Personally, I was enamored with Ambassador Delenn, a strong woman who was unlike other women, much as myself. She ruled her world with a determined aura and was knowledgeable in many areas ‘not of this world’.


And of course, her most powerful scene…


This fictional television series from the ’90s was definitely disclosure and anyone not familiar with it is encouraged to check it out. It will expand your world view. I have also found out through the years there are persons you would never expect that are fans of this show and ‘get it’. My own sister comes to mind.

I think many people would welcome disclosure and recognize it as it happens or is happening right now. See Corey Goode, David Wilcock and the information at the Prepare for Change Network to start seaching for the non-fiction version of the ‘truth’. Big subjects still being disclosed, even now.

I would argue that basically all of science fiction has been a form of soft disclosure is one form or another. These fictional worlds have disclosed real truth to masses of people in non-threatening ways. And with all the non-fictional pieces of disclosure coming at us fast and furious, I believe it is better to know the truth, face our fears and watch them disappear in the light.

We can, in fact, ‘handle the truth’ and deserve nothing less. Or as Sophia Love and I’m sure others have said, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”


❤ Denise

Where Is There Not Beauty? | Heavenletters

“You can describe yourself as an innocent. You can describe yourself as up a creek. You can describe yourself as an angel without wings. An angel misplaced. An innocent hapless bewildered spirit thrown into the wilds in a human body, seemingly fending for yourself in a foreign land that often makes no sense to you, as if you had been thrown into the middle of an arcane mystery novel where clues are not easy to find…”

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

The act of being a human Being doesn’t strike you as a walk in the park, yet, here you are. Here you are, a high flier without an airplane. There are many ways to describe the process of living on Earth as a human being.

You can describe yourself as an innocent. You can describe yourself as up a creek. You can describe yourself as an angel without wings. An angel misplaced. An innocent hapless bewildered spirit thrown into the wilds in a human body, seemingly fending for yourself in a foreign land that often makes no sense to you, as if you had been thrown into the middle of an arcane mystery novel where clues are not easy to find.

You may feel that you started off on the wrong foot, yet what is the right foot?

You would like to be free, yet you also want…

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Taking the high road.



“The high road is any action taken or any word spoken
with the intention of restoring peace, invoking healing or advancing love.
Trust that no matter what stands before you,
you can handle it by taking the high road.”

~ Iyanla Vanzant

Text & image credit: Iyanla Vanzant https://web.facebook.com/DrIyanlaVanzant/

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Why I Post Channeled Material

For those new to the idea that, yes, I have a blog, (actually two, now) and I share my inspirations and pass onto others what inspires awe for me and maybe you, too? Check it out!

Rainbow Wave of Light



First off, let me say that I use discernment in deciding what I post and share with others. And upon reading this material, I strongly urge everyone to use their own personal discernment.

Looking thru a Google search on ‘what does personal discernment mean’ returned numerous results, including some with a ‘christian/Jesus’ slant. Ultimately, the basic meaning is shown with synonyms such as, wisdom, insight and perception, and these are used by everybody in many areas of life.

For me, the gut feeling and/or chills in my body are good indicators that something is worth following up on and/or sharing with others. These physical clues, along with mental indicators are part of my personal discernment skill. I’ve found this skill/ability has been refined and strengthened over time for me. and I try not to second guess myself. You could say that ‘that little voice inside my head has gotten stronger…

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