An Inner Revelation lead to this new Blog!

Must be something about January … hmmm …

Well, here it is! A place to put/post my unusual thoughts. Lately I’ve been ‘musing’ in my inner world of early morning hours. Something different that is wanting to be communicated outward. No judgement. Just observation and revelations to muse upon.

At any rate, this has lead to setting up this new blog for “Inner Revelations”, thought at first I missed spelled the name as ‘revalations’, with an ‘a’ instead of an ‘e’. Oh well, such is the fate of someone who flunked 5th grade spelling … ouch … hurts even after many 60+ years. Self revelation.

This should be interesting (read fun). And I’m sure that this will be many other things, too. Ha!

Love it!

❤ Denise


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