My Inner Journey

I didn’t really realize till lately that ‘art’ was a part of me, of my life. For years…

From the memories, as an early teen, sketching my mom’s cat and realizing I could and that it looked good. To learning to cook and sew and then teaching others. Obviously, art adds much here on many levels.

Learning stained glass from my youngest daughter, loving it and all it many aspects. I lost a lot of fear with this one. And once again, art was here in a very solid way, deserving respect. Teaching much.

Even the design and placement of words and graphics on the canvas in this electronic air we live within evokes art, which once again is here.

Part of consciousness?

An unknowable, unstoppable attribute of Love?

Herein lies just a brief glimpse of my journey of inner revelations which will make their way onto these pages.

❤ Denise


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