Remembering Light From Long Ago

I remember when…

Many a spoken word begins as such and this is no different. Except, that all remembrances are special, unique and one of a kind thoughts, living in the invisible world of consciousness.

This remembrance is from my early teen years at a science lab in school. I remember looking through a microscope at the form and structure of individual cells and comparing what I saw to a picture in a book.  Heck, I even remember sketching and labeling the different parts of a cell.

Looking through the eyepiece of the microscope I could clearly see tiny sparkles of light. Flashes that were there and then somewhere else. There was no mention of these sparkly things to be found, thought to be fair, I probable didn’t look any further than to note what I saw in my memory.

Hence, I know that light is in everything and even inside you and me, too. I’m an eyewitness, I saw it and I remember. 🙂

❤ Denise


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