Out-of-Service Reveals Inner Revelations


Update: For the second time in less than six months, I lost my internet connection. And with its temporary lost, I resorted to other means of distracting my ‘monkey mind’. Playing a ‘favorite’ computer game is always an option but after some time, can become boring. Hummm … the day was not going per normal…

I finally resorted to turning on the television to see some over the air broadcasts. That just reinforced for me why I do not watch it. Many of the same thoughts and arguments I’ve had for years were readily available regarding these media platforms and their ‘wares’. I did however, settle for some weather and local news. Also watched a short children’s educational video.

Of such are the issues I deal with, now.

Major changes happened to me back in 2012. From that switch, those changes in my life, I’m left as a retired person with some physical and mobility issues. Life’s different than is was. I’m different. Let me count, some of the ways:

Before – I had the ‘service to others’ job, had an avocation as a Yoga teacher for over 30 years, was an independent, older woman and owned a vehicle and could get around.

After – My job was retired and I was let go by the board and retired on total social security. One, maybe two months later, I was hospitalized and therein starts my personal journey through the health care and medical establishment. I am no longer driving, in fact you could say that I am housebound. I also no longer do Yoga, heck, I still have difficulty with various aspects of my sense of balance and have nerve issues in my legs and feet making some things hard or even impossible.

And on another level, changes keep on coming. For me, this past year, lead to the death of the belief that any particular side was right vs. the other side was wrong. Duality died. And the scales dropped from the eyes, and nothing could be unseen or undone. Both sides were deceitful and could not be trusted.

These times are revealing and the surprises keep on coming. It pays to remember what we can and cannot do. What we can change and how we can help others, as so moved.

We all act in ways we can, my way is through my blogs, Rainbow Wave of Light, and this new blog, Inner Revelations (both totally free blogs). And what is surprising to me is that I’m even writing and posting on both blogs, without hardly even thinking about it. I seem to be ‘in the flow’.

Life changes lead to other(s) life changes, etc.

The inner revelations keep on rolling in.

❤ Denise


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