Ahead of the Times

With last year finally being the reveal of the false options in the body politic, I am inclined to watch rather than participate in anything coming out and/or being exposed. Rather, I’m watching the ‘men behind the curtain’ being shown as such, for all to see. Interesting and scary at the same time. I do believe that old Chinese curse we have heard for years, “May you live in interesting times”, applies. The lies and deceptions are truly breathtaking and utterly disturbing to witness. I feel like a witness to these historic times.

After personally reviewing the ‘hoopla’ surrounding ‘fake news’ and the listing of various websites that arrived on the scene late last year, I did manage to find several websites that I now refer to daily. Ha! That little diversion lead to increased ‘eye balls’ on alternative news sites and their increasing influence. Can you say ‘backfire’ much?

Given our personal sphere in influence, no matter how big or small, we act out the various situations in our life from fear or love. I chose love and reject these fear based, ‘them’ or ‘us’ choices. Either/or, black/white … what about the numerous shades of grey. Ahhh, the world is not only black or white, but also includes millions upon millions of colors and hues. Rather amazing if you think about it and not boring, at all.


Here we are, witnesses to it all, recording and never forgetting. That too, is amazing. There is much to be grateful for including the opportunity to see and comprehend the ‘men behind the curtain’. We should use this knowledge to ‘not do this again’ because we already know the outcome. May we, as a species learn from our mistakes, remember our successes and dare to expand on them.

❤ Denise



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