Absolutes. Are They Real?

Words indicating an absolute anything are sometimes incorrect. Words like all, always and never can be untrue. For me, these words are red flags that point to information that can be limited in evidence and may be full of personal bias. These words can stifle further discussion and hinder truth-seeking. Additionally, these words can be used to hurt or harm another, i.e. ‘ you are always ___’ or “you are never ___’. Personally, these absolute words point out areas that could use further inquiry and reflection.

So are any absolutes true? Do they stay the same with time or do they change? Even scientific constants have been shown to not be as constant or absolute as once thought.

Here is an absolute: everything, and I do mean everything, changes with time. It’s just that the period of time may be humongous to us, such that we do not see or even register the changes that are there.

These words alert me to delve further, looking for the differences that I believe are there, knowing that things are often not as they seem or are presented to us. Be on the outlook for these absolute words and use your discernment when processing what is being said. Be aware and know that there are very few absolutes.


❤ Denise


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