What Happened in 2012


For years and years, we were told about great changes happening in 2012, but the world did not end in 2012 and life continued on. Instead of major, cataclysmic world ending events, many personal/life altering events happened to people during that year. It’s like there was a fork in the path that we approached and for whatever reason we ended up on the right path instead of the left. That path has lead to vast personal changes that continue, even today.

For me, I now am retired and no longer working at a ‘real’ job. Instead, I’ve created several social media connections were I share my personal life-long interests and findings with others. I’ve also created and maintain two blogs with a spiritual / metaphysical perspective that are growing daily. I enjoy exploring, finding and sharing information and articles, for and with others.

To get to this point and place (I now live in a totally different place than before) there was much, oh so, much to go through and experience. That year, 2012, left me in a wheelchair with serious balance issues. Writing or even holding a pencil in my right hand was very difficult, but using a laptop with a touch pad, daily for about a year, enabled me to write again. I now walk with a walker or use a cane, and my balance is ‘way’ better than even last year. Being thankful of and supportive of others in their quest for better health, lead to my presence on Pinterest and some of my posting on my personal page on Facebook.

Upon reflection, I was personally a catalyst of change back in 2012, for my daughters who both told me later that my health crises propelled them into the final stages of being an adult.  Changes also occurred in medical and hospital procedures due to my various hospital stays that year. Much has happened and fast forward to today… perhaps my sharing information with others, via this electronic internet playground, is acting as a catalyst, or even support for ‘same’, helping wake people up to that other reality or ‘fork in the road’ that we all ended up on in 2012.

So, yes, 2012 was a BIG year for me. Full of once in a life-time experiences. Set me on a new path that continues, even today, living life’s physical challenges and sharing information and knowledge with others on their path, whatever that may be. So that’s just a part of my story, care to share yours?


❤ Denise


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