January 23, 2017

So what is this blog about? Not sure at this point but …

I do know what I don’t want here in this blog:

  • no them vs us
  • no hate
  • no violence

I will share my inner revelations such as:

  • we can govern ourselves
  • life/love/light is in everything
  • your life has many lifetimes
  • joy comes is unexpected places and in all sizes
  • ultimately ‘stuff’ does NOT matter
  • only LOVE matters

So join me on this journey, follow this blog if so moved (it’s totally free for both you and me). Share your inner revelations and comments if you care to. For right now, I’m leaving comments on for this site and will wait and see what happens.


Oh, yes, you can get in touch through the social connections menu on the ‘Home’ page.